Recruitment and Placement Services
  We recruit the candidates for the company and refer the candidates as Per their expertise with the companies.

Assessment Services through Psychometric testing
  We match the candidate's potential with Companies requirement through Testing as per the requirement.

Corporate Counselling
   We serve as Mentors

About Psychometric Tests

  • Psychometric Tests like other tests are measuring devises to obtain a score on Inert Cognitive Functions of Brain such as General Intelligence, Specific Aptitudes, Educational Achievement, Vocational Fitness and Personality Traits.
  • These tests are Standardized, Reliable and Valid.
  • In the context of assessment services, the range of standardized measurement instrument include the following:
      - Achievement tests
      - Ability tests
      - Aptitude test
      - Intelligence tests
      - EQ tests
About Self Assessment Profiles

Self Assessment Tools used for rendering Assessment Services are in the form of :
  • Interest Inventories
  • Problem Checklist
  • Personality Profiles